Legal services office


We are an office created in 1986, operating from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.
With our team of highly experienced lawyers we have provided effective and personalized legal attention to our clients domestic and foreign from the city of Monterrey, carrying out litigation, operations and transactions in Monterrey, as well as in various States of Mexico and internationally, standing out in high-impact strategic litigation in the city of Monterrey and in the Mexican Republic.


That through the personalized and cutting-edge services that we provide from the city of Monterrey, we take our clients to the next levels within their professional or patrimonial stages with the best advice and legal protection.


To be a highly prestigious law firm in the city of Monterrey, as well as in Mexico and internationally.


  • Consolidate ourselves by 2021 as the most respectable and competitive law firms in the city of Monterrey.
  • Extend our legal services from the city of Monterrey to other States of the Mexican Republic by 2023.

Every person who walks through the door is very important to us.