Banking and Financial Law

What is Banking and Financial Law?

The Banking and Financial Law is the organization that deals with the movement of money or values of a company, calculates the total of investments, income and expenses. We offer support in various financial operations including simple loans and revolving loans; financing management for acquisitions; advice on unsecured guarantees, endorsements, bonds; structural support of various trusts and other financed structures; and services derived from any type of financing.

Practice areas

  • Preparation and / or review of credit agreements.
  • Preparation and / or presentation of lawsuits before the CONDUSEF.
  • Preparation and / or presentation of lawsuits before the National Banking and Securities Commission.

Schedule legal advice

Legal advice is the application of abstract legal principles to the concrete facts of the client's case to advise the client on what to do next. In many countries, only a properly licensed attorney can provide legal advice.